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Daily Prayers

Fajr, Maghrib and Isha are offered daily at the masjid. On Sundays Duhur is also offered in Jamah. For a helpful book on how to offer the prayers please download the free eBook on the right. The times of the salah (prayers) held at the masjid are listed on the right under "Iqamah Times" along with the times for the Friday congregational prayers which is maintained year round. The Khutbah for the Friday prayers begins at 1:30 PM and the jamah (congregational prayer) starts at 2:00 PM.

Please join us and share in the blessings bi ithnillah (with God's permission).

Prayer Book


Tarawih is offered in Jamah (group congregation) the entire month of Ramadhan. Each day, a little over one Juz (1/30th part) of the Quran is recited over 8 rakaat (units of prayer). The last juz is typically complted on the night of the 27th.

Eid Salah

Eid Salah is typically offered at the Estero Park on the morning of Eid.

Janaza Funeral Prayers

Salatul Janazah will be offered some time in the future Insha Allah
Iqamah Times
Khutbah1:30 PM
Jamah2:00 PM

Random Verse

قَالَ أَلْقِهَا يَا مُوسَىٰ
(Allah) said, "Throw it, O Moses!"
-Quran (20 :19)
  سورة طه   
Abdullah Yusuf Ali

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