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    A Virtual Community of Muslims

  • Virtual Community Uniting Muslims

    What can I do with my family this weekend? Find out which community is hosting which event.

  • Naples Masjid (ICON)

    Islamic Center of Naples

Welcome To Bonita Masjid

Bonita Masjid is a virtual community with the aim of uniting the various communities of Southwest Florida.

Mosques and communities located in Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Estero, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres and Cape Coral may all participate in this joint forum to exchange ideas, ask for help, offer your services and find the best place to congregate for you and your family.

Our Mission is to create a platform where Muslim voices will not be silenced. A safe and friendly place where we can share the beauty of our deen with each other and be good examples for other communities.

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What Is Quran?

The most conventional answer is that the Quran is a book – but it is not like most books. It is made up of words which contain truth and guidance for every human being, and Muslims believe that these are words revealed directly by God, in the Arabic language, to the last of His prophets and messengers, Muhammad ? (peace be upon him).

Rabi' Ul-Awwal

What Is Rabi'Ul-Awwal?

The blessed month of Rabi’ Ul-Awwal is an important month in the Islamic Calendar as it marks the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

What is Islam?

General Information about Islam

The literal meaning of Islam is peace; surrender of one’s will i.e. losing oneself for the sake of God and surrendering one’s own pleasure for the pleasure of God.

Volunteering and Engagement

Getting Involved

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our community. This masjid runs on its effort and dedication to serve the house of Allah (swt) and its guests.

Rules of the Fasting of Ramadan

Allaah ? says in the Qur’an what may be interpreted as, “O’ you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you so that you may achieve Taqwaa (righteousness, God-fearing).” [Surat Al-Baqarah, verse 183]


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A Prayer for Newlyweds

Chosen by Mohamed Baianonie, Imam at the Islamic Center of Raleigh, NC

All praises and thanks to Allaah, the Lord of all that exists, and peace and blessings upon His Messenger Muhammad.

Zakat ul Fitr

The Social & Welfare Committee collects Zakat-ul-Fitr during the month of Ramadan.

You may pay online by selecting Zakat-ul-Fitr from the donation dropdown menu, or by using a marked envelope deposited at the IAR premises. These envelopes are available in the lobby and also in the deposit box

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Praying is one of the pillars of Islam. The order for praying didn’t come down to earth through the angel Jibreel (Gabriel). 

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Quran Classes

The Prophet (PBUH) has declared the importance of learning the Qur’an with the above-mentioned hadith and others.

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Funeral Arrangements

Listed below are some of the options that are available in case we have to lay to rest one of our beloved members of the family.

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Islamic Center of Naples is a vibrant community that focuses on love for the Ummah and humanity at large. You can see this reflected with the many programs they host that encourages families to attend and enjoy together.

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The holy month of Ramadan is Allah’s month.

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Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam.

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Islamic Studies for Children

Event :

Organizing Institution: Ihya College

United Kingdom

  • 09/06/2023
  • 17:24 PM

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American Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month

Event :

Pleasanton City Council

California – United States

  • 09/08/2023
  • 17:35 PM

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Connecting with the Quran Spiritual wellbeing

Event :

Counselling Tutorial Academy

  • 09/08/2023
  • 17:49 PM

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“May Allah reward you, We just finished installing the carpets and they are very beautiful and the masjid looks brand new
Alhamdulillah. Jazakaum Allahu Khair for helping us get this wonderful quality carpet.”

Islamic Center of Davis

CA brother Ammar

The masjid carpet is very comfortable, everyone loves the quality and design. The service was excellent. I will be glad to do business with you again

Abu Bakr Al Siddeeq Masjid

Delano, California

We were very happy with Musalla Masjid Carpets – the quality of the carpets is very good and matches our expectations. Noor was always there for us at every stage of the project to make sure we were completely satisfied.

Islamic Center